A Kitten Named Woof Episode 2 – Котенок по имени Гав – English Captions

A Kitten Named Woof Episode 2 – Котенок по имени Гав – English Captions

Soyuzmultfilm Presents Woof Woof Woof Woof What are you doing? Woof What do you need? Me? Nothing. Then why are you calling my name? I’m not calling your name. I’m just barking – woof. But that’s my name! Woof the kitten. A Kitten Named Woof Episode Two Writer: G. Oster Director: L. Atamanov Artist/Producer: L. Schwartzman Cinematographer: M. Druyan Composer: M. Merovich Sound Director: V. Kutuzov Editor: R. Frichinskaya Film Editor: M. Miheva Assistants:
Director’s: L. Nikitina
Artist’s: N. Nikolaeva
Producer’s: N. Kozlova Arists/Animators:
M. Voskanyantz
R. Mirenkova
V. Arsentev
O. Orlova
G. Zebrova
N. Bogomolova
A. Davidov Artist/Decorator:
I. Svetlitza Voice Actors:
T. Reshetnikova
M. Vinogradova
V. Livanov
A. Baranov Producer: F. Ivanov “That’s Unfair” Dogs… …chasing after cats. Puppies chase after kittens. This always has been… …and will always be. Such is life. Do you understand, my friend? No. I don’t understand. Why do I always have to chase you? It’s not fair. We have to take turns. First I’ll chase after you… …then you chase after me! And I chase you! You chase me! You after me! I chase you! You after me! You after me! I after you! And I after you! You after me! You after me! You after me! I after you! And I after you! Hey, what’s going on? What… A kitten chasing after a puppy? This doesn’t happen. “When Do They Start Biting?” That is called a muzzle. It’s really pretty, right? Hello. It’s me, Woof. My friend… …really wants to try on your… …muzzle. Can he? What? What’s he’s saying? He’s saying: He’s saying you can, if you’re careful. Whoo! I can! We can, we can, we can! Wait! What are – what are you doing? Stop that! Kids, stop that! Woof! Well, how is it? Is it working? Almost. It looks like it’s a bit big for you. Do you want to come over? I do. Well, when I grow up, someone will also
give me the gift of a muzzle. But why do you want one? So that I won’t bite. What, do you plan on biting? No, I don’t plan to. So, you don’t need a muzzle. Well, it’s only while I’m small that I don’t plan to. But when I grow up, maybe I’ll want to bite. “A Well-Hidden Meatball” Hello. Hello. ??? Woof. You’re not hungry, are you? No, thank you. I don’t want any. Really really you’re not hungry? Not a bit. Then, please make sure that nobody runs off with my meatball. I’ll go play a little in the yard… …and then I’ll come back, and eat my meatball! Okay? Okay. (The box reads, “Cake”) Ooh, a meatball. Meatball! Meatball, meatball, meatball! Meatball. Woof! Where is my meatball? Where did you leave it? I hid it. Oh, good job. …But what if someone finds it? Nope. Nobody will find it. I hid it very well. Yeah? Where’d you hide it? Right here! In my stomach! Woof! Woof, Woof! Woof, Woof! Woof! Are you saying that just because; you’re barking? No, I’m calling you over to come play! I’m coming! The End

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  1. a long time ago i saw this and another cartoon about a guy who wants to be a heron and urns into one does anybody know the name of that cartoon

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