A Heartwarming Tale Of This Mother Cat Always Carrying A Bag Of Food | Kritter Klub

If we give this cat (named Dongsuk) cat food in a plastic bag It takes the whole thing and goes somewhere When we feed the cat on a plate She won’t eat the food Where is she taking the plastic bag? Informer: I’ve been feeding the cat for 5 years, but I’ve never seen a cat like Dongsuk Other cats walk away from plastic bags Dongsuk seems to wait around for something that’s a kitten? Just then, Dongsuk opens the bag of cat food and the kitten starts feeding on the food in the bag Dongsuk gave birth to her five kittens in the basement a few months ago but there’s only one now to the cat due to unexpected accident Vet: Dongsuk must’ve become attached to the only kitten she has after suffering from painful experience Hang in there, kitty We will take you to a better safe place Resident: It’s okay, you’ll be fine A new house for Dongsuk and her baby! Thank you Dongsuk, live happily forever with your baby

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