1000 pieces of cat food or 1 chicken?

1000 pieces of cat food or 1 chicken?

1 chicken 1000 pieces of cat food What do we have here? It’s something new! I’ll try to understand what it is… Sniff-sniff There must be some catch! And what’s on the other side? It smells good, too! I’ve got goosebumps! Has the cat food won the battle? Nooo! I left the most delicious for later!

100 thoughts on “1000 pieces of cat food or 1 chicken?

  1. My cats get offered diced chicken rather frequently. One won’t touch it all. She doesn’t want tinned food, shredded roast beef, fish chicken or anything. She wants dry food only.
    Another wouldn’t touch the chicken if he could choose Temptations cat treats instead.
    The third: Suckers I’m going to eat it all!

  2. It depends on individual cats I have 2 cats and they prefer dry cat food over any other food even though they eat it daily.

  3. We need to stop treating our animals like mini humans, if you wanna give'em meat give raw and fresh food they don't need that artificial taste, no wonder why we have so many sick domestic animals these days with high cholesterol, diabetes and so on, it's a shame and a crime 😟

  4. Never feed animals cooked bones. They splinter to sharp edges when chewed and can cut the digestive system. Vet bills, sepsis, surgery… or death.

  5. I was yelling "peel back the skin on that chicken, then see if kitteh really prefers dry cat food!" Lol! My cats are totally bratty about that, if I give them anything with skin, seasoning, sauce on it they say "no thanks!" Remove the skin, seasoning, saucy bits and they are like "Oh, I see, it's chicken!!!" 😂💜

  6. I think you shouldn’t give cats cooked chicken with bones 😄 I’m sure this cat’s owner knows but this is an info for those who don’t 🌸🌸

  7. You better believe my cat would eat everything, there would be none of this hesitation of "what is this? Is it okay?" Nope. Instantly devoured.

  8. I love how at the end the cat just sits down beside it all and licks his lips. Stares at it all with a look that says, "how is this my life right now!"….. ahhhhhh…. SATISFACTION🐱

  9. I tried to give my cat some boiled chicken that we made for the dogs and she didn't want it. Only ate her cat food. I wonder if I tried a whole chicken, i just cant take it out of the oven with my bare hands.

  10. Cut the chicken into little pieces & there would have been no cat kibble eaten. I made the mistake of giving some chicken to my cat & she became a drooling psycho, grabbing my hand to get the piece. Now she turns her nose up at cat food!

  11. Never, never give a cat cooked chicken bones. It could do serious damage or kill the cat. Either serve raw or cook boneless chicken

  12. Well, whatever it is, CatPusic is a very Privileged cat, he has a good life, spoiled for choice of food and plenty of hooman love, I'm very happy for you CatPusic despite your miserable life when you were a kitten.

  13. Is it weird that I envy this cat? He can eat a whole chicken all by herself while I need to fight with my siblings even just for a thigh part lol

  14. When it comes to taste it wouldn't even be a dilemma for my cat, chicken is the only answer but I don't think he would eat it whole,he is used to sliced stuff and so the dry croquettes might win 😅

  15. 凸凹凸凹凸凹凸凹凸凹凸凹凸凹凸凹
    Am afraid we have to assume that your oven is a BAD COOK !!! 😀 😛

  16. Чудный котик! Интересный эксперимент. Только я бы для такого эксперимента курицу просто отварила бы курицу, а не запекала с соусами и специями

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