100+ Cats/Kittens Spayed & Neutered!

100+ Cats/Kittens Spayed & Neutered!

Chris: Last year, thanks to all the paw-some Cole and Marmalade fans Chris: who donated or purchased one of these shirts, Chris: we where able to sponsor a spay and neuter clinic in the struggling community here in Illinois Chris: it was really cool to see adults and kids turning up to do the right thing Chris: taking advantage of these reduced prices and helping stop pet overpopulation Chris: I want to say a big thank you to all of the volunteer veterinarians, student veterinarians, Chris: and all the other community members who helped make the day a big success Chris: and here’s what it looked like: * ♪ Music 🙂 * Chris: Morning! Lady: Hello! Chris: *chuckle* Chris: Sorry, guys. Lady: Hahaha! Chris: It’s for the best. Lady: You’re loosing your man-hood. Kitty Cat: MUROW!! Kitty: MEOWOW! Boy: This is my cat. Chris: Whats her name? Boy: Khaleesi Chris: Khaleesi? *Lots of giggling* Chris: It’s bigger than… than I thought. * ♪ More music and background chatter* Kitty cats: MEOW!! Chris: Now, now… Chris: Kiiitty. So cute! Lady: Little baby Fang. *Kitten squeaking* Black kitty: Meooow! Tortoiseshell kitty: Meooow, meooow! *Meowing* * ♪ Music ♪ * Lady: It is what it is, right? Chris: It’s like y’know vacation every day day. Lady: Yes, it’s actually really nice.

100 thoughts on “100+ Cats/Kittens Spayed & Neutered!

  1. Aww this is an adorable video, R.I.P Felix. He was a kitten, still don't know why he died, we think he died from cancer.

  2. do i have to get my cat nuterd he is an indoor cat so does it matter also he is nearly 2 and never sprayed before is that bad

  3. i love my cat more than My dog,cuz my dog not love me and my cat is love me so much,everytime i go to school my cat just dont want to let me go my cat just want to sit in my Leg♡

  4. This is awesome of you to help out! I just got my furbaby nuetuered yesterday. Hes got some pain meds so he dosen't hate me too much yet.

  5. super !!! you guys are the greatest…i help in my own way used to live in the country had 1 cat came up to 5 and 17 great years later had 1 left my old man i call him.. so left the country for multiple reasons .. and now up to my 4th again so expensive but worth it but had to stop cause we're only allowed 2 cats per household here in the subburb…i hide the other 2 when the city goes door to door for the licensyng.. there is such a need for these spayathons ..great work thank you,,

  6. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT EXCELLENT! When I was still working at the NATCAT Shelter I helped coordinate a SNR day at our shelter along with the Ferral Cat Coalition of San Diego. We were able to do 111 cats that day. It was a real feeling of accomplishment for all the participants.

  7. Chris Poole, Thanks for all that you do! I totally support these efforts and know they have a significant impact on pet population. 1 comment regarding the video, at 0:42–0:44 sec., one of the ladies says "You're losing your manhood". This comment should be deleted as this type of comment perpetuates the negative thinking of why many folks don't neuter. Thanks again for all you do!

  8. Spay & neuter your pets. We have an un neutered tom cat who has attacked my wife twice, requiring stitches, shots. Animal control cant/wont help us. The tom cat has attacked our two cats three times costing us $600 total. Vet bill. Tom cat injured my neighbors cats twice, costing him $400. We have tried in vain to find the owners but all we get is idk. Animal control wont do anything but rent us a trap, took pictures of my wifes injury. The tom cat is wise to the trap. We have a beautiful fenced back yard that our kitties love, but they have to suffer indoors because of a mean, vicious tom cat. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  9. I've always had my cats spayed and neutered. My kids used to ask me, "Why can't we let the cat have some kittens?" but I told them the world is full of kittens. I'd hate to have a bunch to have to give away to homes where they might not be safe. The first cat I ever had was 1 of a littler of 3, and her sibs were allowed to roam outdoors. One was killed by a dog, and the other was run over by a car in the street. Too awful.

  10. Keep up the good work in spreading this message! About a week ago some fellow who uploads cat videos claimed, in the comment section, that greedy vets pushed people to "unnecessarily neuter their cats". He may have meant strictly indoor cats, but even so that is (at best) a terribly misleading thing to say.

  11. Thanks Chris and to all of those involved for making this happen. I to am a cat slave to 5 and I have to run it seems I have forgot to put clean water in the bowl I'm getting attacked byeeeeeee

  12. let's see how many cats spaying/nuturing prevents:

    (assuming each female has 6 kittens and 3 of them are female. each female also has only one litter in this example)
    Generation 1: 1 female, 3 female kittens
    Generation 2: 3 females, 9 female kittens
    Generation 3: 9 female kittens, 27 female kittens
    Generation 4: 27 females, 81 female kittens
    Generation 5: 81 females, 243 female kittens
    Generation 6: 243 females, 729 kittens
    Generation 7: 729 females, 2,187 female kittens

    it took us 7 generations to surpass 1,000 new females. let's see what happens if females keep producing for 2 generations (a more realistic model)

    Generation 1: 1 female, 3 female kittens
    Generation 2: 4 females, 12 female kittens
    Generation 3: 15 females, 45 female kittens
    Generation 4: 56 females, 168 female kittens
    Generation 5: 209 females, 627 female kittens
    Generation 6: 780 females, 2,340 female kittens

    in this model, it took us 6 generations to get nearly 200 more cats. and this all started from ONE female.

  13. I adopted my new cat about a month ago. She had been at the shelter since July of 2015 and I got her in February 2017. Nobody wanted her because she did not "show well". She is the sweetest cat I have ever met. She licks and is always wanting attention. She is also extremely beautiful (she is a dilute tortie). She was brought to the shelter with her 3 kittens. They found homes right away but Chloe was there for more than 1.5 years before I got her.

  14. Hey there, well im about to adopt a new cat in 3 days, andi saw the cat in a family where they try to make it sociable. When the woman wanted to show me the cat, just when she did put the cat on the ground he ran back to his room, and they she tried it again but he ran again, they told me he has been in their appartement for 3-4 months, they told me the cat is ready to be adopted, but they said its really really a scared cat.
    They said the cat walks around the house just fine and at the night he comes out and starts to sleep with us when he wants. I love that cat but im afraid that it will hide 24/7 and it will only come out for food and go back hide again. You think its ok to adopte it? I live alone in an appartement on a 3rd floor, i like it but im afraid it wont be that affectionate …

  15. This is a lovely video and doesn't show any blood or medical cat parts, despite the warning at the beginning. But watch out if you are watching it with your cat nearby, because there are a lot of miaowing cats in the film which your cat will be very curious about!
    To people who say that cats shouldn't be neutered, can I say, maybe not in an ideal world, but unneutered cats fight and get injured and catch illnesses, including the nasty FIV. They are constantly driven by the need to reproduce and there can never be enough new owners for all the resulting kittens. Neutered cats are more peaceful and much healthier.

  16. Disclaimer: I speak as a completely cattified humane and have worked in a voluntary and paid capacity on behalf of animals rights. Now I'm all grown up, I urge people NOT to impose sterility (eugenics) microchips or vaccines on their precious companions. It is cruelty (and stupidity) created by self serving interests who are doing the same to humans with their 'overpopulation' propaganda whilst diverting, denying and stealing our shared natural resources. Wake up and think, don't fall for mind control propaganda, the Earth needs you.

  17. This is great! I remember when i got my. Cat neutered he was so scared, and I was worried about him. But it all ended up fine! Btw I love Cole and Marmalade! And if you don't mind please subscribe to my channel!😃❤️

  18. the amount of ignorance regarding spaying and neutering is just astounding to me.

    i guess i was just ignorant as to how much ignorance there is still out there. because i thought that at the very least people were aware of the massive overpopulation problem regarding domestic companion animals (hundreds of healthy cats and dogs euthanized daily because they have no homes, feral populations that develop and spread harmful diseases to humans – including rabies, which is lethal to all mammals 99.9999999% of the time; strain on the economy and environment).

    but apparently not :/

  19. I'm tearing up watching this video. It makes me happy and sad at the same time. I'm really glad to see there are people out there with concerns about feral cats, and took real actions to them. Thank you, bless you all, faith in humanity restored!
    But at the same time it's sad that there are A LOT of feral cats in my country and people didn't have this much attention to them. If I was there I would definitely volunteer!


  21. In my area it's 300$+ to neuter my cat, Kuro… hopefully an event like this sprouts so we can neuter him for cheaper.

  22. Spaying and neutering animals doesn't save lives it takes them because the animal is not making any children causing no lives so no lives are saved!

  23. The cat in the thumbnail looks like the kitten i rescued on holiday… We kept her for about a week then she grew strong enough to run away. her name was Wonder

  24. Wow this is amazing!!!!! In my country there are way too many cats and people doesn't understand how important this is!!!!
    This made me cry because how good these people are, including you. Cats are everything to me. And this saves so many lives.

  25. hey i live in Vacaville and i cant afford to get my new cat declawed i will have to git rid of her if i dont do you know any places

  26. Aren't you worried that if you spay and neuter them to prevent overpopulation, you'll eventually spay and neuter every cat in the world and they'll go extinct?

  27. I know overpopulation is a thing but I find it wrong to spay or neuter any animal then you should be neutering and spaying human children i mean there are 7 billion of us and we live to around 80 years there may be more cats but they only live 15-20 years and these cats are worried they are scared that's why they are meowing putting happy music behind can't change my mind leave the cat alone they have so many kittens because most of if not all of the littler will end up dying please stop doing this to dogs and cats

  28. My only question is why they aren't finding someone to adopt them, instead of letting them out to suffer again? Isn't the goal to stop cats from suffering?

  29. Back in the day I used to let my new cat have one lot of kittens and then get them fixed up. I was always able to give them away without an issue (although was before the GFC). I just felt it was the right of my cats. But as I was discussing with my kids now there are just too many irresponsible people out there so just have to spay and neuter. Dogs were different as they always had too many pups and was quite hard to give them away so always got them spayed and neutered at 6 month mark.

  30. we have a shelter here in Pasco Washington that could use a lot of help so please please please please adopt don't shop god bless you all 🐰😻🐶🐹🐰🐴🐤🐑🐘🐼🐍🐔🐢🐵🐶🐻

  31. My pets:🐍🐈🐈🐈🐈🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠🐠(a lot of fish,4 cats and a snek)

  32. There is also a "west mobile pet" vet.they drive around and they offer a lot of services for really really really cheap. Way cheaper then taking them to the vet to get fixed.I took a stray cat there to get spayed,and to get shots.
    Just search 'west mobile pet vet' ,click on there website and they have a calendar of county's and states they go to,but also a list and prices of prices and services they do.

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