10 of the CUTEST KITTENS Ever

Epic 10 List The internet loves kittens.. and guess what?
So do we.The problem is, we’re both highly allergic to cat dander, so we have to get
our kitten fix exclusively online. Here are 10 of the cuttest kittens that we
have ever seen! #10 This photo has been banned in 6 countries
because it is to puurrrrrfect. #9 This orange and white cutie is trying to
decide if he should attack the carpet or if the carpet is his friend…. choices. # 8 I was just born and now you want me to
find my way through this forrest? # 7 See, there’s no food in my mouth. Someone,
fix this quick! #5 I’m trying to remember what Mom told
me.. is tree branch food or is tree branch not food. #4 You don’t want to cross this cute kitty..
she can turn into bear at a moments notice. Rarrrr #3 Pet me.. please? #2 Being cute can be so exhausting #1 Squirrel!

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