10 Cosas que no SABIAS de KITTY LOVE con FF | Actriz NOPOR con 21 años 😍 | Kevin White Catador 😜|

10 Cosas que no SABIAS de KITTY LOVE con FF | Actriz NOPOR con 21 años 😍 | Kevin White Catador 😜|

I’m leaving, I’m leaving … What’s up, tasters and tasters, how are you? We are here again in another
Delivery of the taster. As you will see I am in an office, it is not my office, I have been left with some keys and I … I have come here. As you see is all the
recording equipment out there and everything. Because the other day we were here and there were
Party, party of the good. Mandanga party without clothes without anything you don’t smell it? The other day here there was part of a movie, for our sponsor that you will already know
who, is I guess it’s around here … Look at all it takes for a
recording. Look at all the equipment there is, part of a flash of lights, shirts, there is not even what there is … Contracts, papers, scripts, stickers, zeal for zeal. The office is large and this was to bust people. This was crazy and all that for what? For a … Pallaringa … As they left me the keys to guard this, well what have I done? I took advantage of the fact that he didn’t pay, nor lights, nor pay camera, nor did he pay anything. Well, it is paid by those who have paid … I get free, I know what
You want to see my face, my sexy face. That they called me men women and vice versa and I was not … Because of course with this face I do there, I asked what it was and of course they told me to meet new people. But I don’t need to meet new people, if I just need to go to TV that more people know me … If I take them off, I told them no, no, that could not be. That could not be because otherwise this would already be a catastrophe. I do there, I do nothing there I have to be here! Here looking for faces
new to you pussy! Fuck! Well guys I stop talking nonsense because I just made this up. I know what you want and what you want is to see a new face, a final face without hair, without a beard. And now I will bring it to you
to Kitty Love. I want to ask you some questions so that my followers know you a little better and yours know you even more Today we are going with 10 things we did not know about Kitty Love with a happy ending. Ten things you didn’t know about Kitty Love With a happy ending And well my first question, how and why
What interested you to enter the nopor industry, adult entertainment. I don’t know this was like a curiosity that
I had since I was very little. And when I grow up I wanted to do it, but in the country where I live where I am there are no producers, so like … Then I came from Mexico
here and here the magic happened. This I started with a very small producer and then I was … Where did you go? You understand me. From eggplant to eggplant. From sausage to sausage. OK And why did you say sausage? Because I have a video on twitter … Putting a sausage until the end. Then in the videos they started making me get sausage. Like three times. Hey and we don’t have sausages here? Boys! Boys! Not if I’m alone, it’s true. Oscar Mayer throws sausages! In how long you believe, that you came to
Believe since you were working for someone seriously. That you were in the industry of nopor 100%, by knife! It did not go as in January of this year at the beginning of this year. It was with Jordi, and a good experience. And how much time was that, in a year, in half a year in … What was the process? It was less than half a year. A few months. How fast isn’t it? Clear. And tell us, tell us, tell us when was your first time you saw nopor? This I think is a story that I haven’t
counted as very well … I think not even my family knows. Today they will find out. East… It was about nine years old, it was like a cousin who is older than me. A cousin older than me, and me. A cousin or a cousin? She was a cousin and a cousin. Oh both. So we were three. They were already starting well. One in each corner and the cousin in the middle, you know? Then we all felt like
that we are in biology class you know. Everyone there watching … The anatomy … After having jumped like this to the industry that your friends think, what does your family think? Than? Nothing to support me. Yes? If I can do with my life what I want. There has been no drama of or my daughter … Or my niece … I asked my grandmother what they were saying about the videos and she said nothing but I sent them to wash the … The Peach. The rear. The cucu. Yes. That’s fine. And being in this industry has made you more aware in your sex life? Of the safest relationships and all this? Yes but no, because there are people in the industry who record and they can have a small thing. And in the street no. Of course worse. But there is a condom on the street and no condom is used in the industry. Well, that made you more aware of that or? Even more not? So if I have toys, I don’t need to look in the street. Change the face goes. How are you going to ask me that? And has it ever happened to you that you’ve met someone and because of your work. He has not accepted you and left you or told you no, I do not want to know you, because your work, look at what you work for. I was dating a boy who is a soccer player. And he said no, because
You started working on that. And I, is what I like. He said no I don’t want to
That you are my girlfriend and such, and I am fine. And then about months later I
he says, because I want you to be my girlfriend … I mean I want to, but now I don’t want to … Yes but no … Yes, but when he wanted, I didn’t want to. Already. He got screwed. It is what it has. In your work have you done things you wouldn’t do at home? Or vice versa in your house would do things
What would you not do in your work? What things? But I think my private life would
things totally different from what I do at work. Yes? Yes. Then we meet. More of the same no. Like what? Like what? What do you do in your house?
do you do your job I dont know… Oh you don’t know What do you want us to do at home? Sometimes … Sometimes … And sometime after recording a scene that curiosity stung you to continue meeting someone … You know? Or what are you doing tonight? No? No, they have written several to see us after the scene, but no. No? No. Fuck, what a pity huh. Friends no more. Forever Nainonainone. Neither do I. And have you ever felt pleasure in any of the scenes … Has this happened to you, does that usually happen to you? It doesn’t usually happen to me but it has happened to me. Yes… Yes, I know I know. But not much, little. He rubs and … You have to do what you can. Ya, ya … Then it is not always pretended sometimes what you feel is real, you can feel a little attraction and desire .. Especially when that happens to you, what kind of scene does that cause you? I don’t know, I like … Threesomes. You like threesomes. Yes. And that’s it. Woman, man and another woman. Yes. Clear. And lesbians and so on. Me too. Let’s see when we record one you and me. Where they hit me and all that, I like that. They hit you, you like to get hit, it turns you on. Yes? But where, what do you like, in the face in the ass … Wherever you want. Yes? You like hardcore Okay, if you put that face, that is. What do you say to those people who think
that he is not degrading for women. I don’t know, simply. In my experience and what I think, it is not degrading. Because nobody here forces you to do anything, you do everything under your own consent. And if you don’t want to do something, you don’t do it anymore. Then no… Is that there are many people who think that … It is because he is obligated, or is … But no. There you have it. And what do you think of people who think that nopor gives a false image of sex. To the men. Not but I think the adult film industry. It is very wide, like the cinema that there are categories of horror movies, action … So it’s the same here, if you want to see something soft, you can see something soft, if you want to see something strong, you can see it too … So I think not, that it depends on each person. Of each head no? What would you be doing if you didn’t dedicate yourself
to this? I would study makeup artist dora makeup
and fixing … Do you like makeup? Dead bodies and … Clear. Yes? To men too. Already. Do you want me to make up? No thanks. Another day, we leave it for another show. Well, it’s recorded, he said it. No. And what was … What was your most embarrassing shoot your most embarrassing scene you say buff this day … I really had a little … Trambolic. Not so much, but it was uncomfortable because of the place where it went. Yes. It was in an abandoned factory, but I still liked the scene a lot. But because, that was what was uncomfortable for you. Because we had to burn on the floor and there was debris, it was an abandoned factory … But if I have recorded in places that you could not even step on, there were no syringes, but almost, almost, you know? How fine she, uh … From the ceiling came the big beams like this … Of course, of course… It gives more emotion to the … If very cool, on a record. Of course it gives more emotion, oh well, on that record I have also recorded. Clear.. Clear. Didn’t one fall on your head? No. Take me a light. And what was your day that you better
have you passed on the set? I really liked one that was a trio with a Colombian and a Spanish. I liked this one a lot. And another that was also with a Spaniard, who went with neon paint. Then everything looked like this very disco, very … Wiggling the … Shaking my ass, right? What do you like. Give us a demonstration, how is it, how is it? If you do it, I do it. I don’t know, I don’t know … Then nothing, there is no deal. Another day. And what are the prejudices that you have had for your work, that you are going to party and you find someone and … A nopor actress, they already think that you are going to have something with him, or that you are going to go with him or that they can suck you … No, they usually think that I’m going to go with them, or that I’m pre-paid for being an actress. Also that everyone in the industry can be sick. Yes. That we don’t take care of ourselves. And they are things that don’t, then. And now to finish, because we’re done. I am not going to ask you any more questions, you have something to say to people, your fans, the world who is watching you … Fear. You have nothing to say to them? Have you been wanting to tell me something? OR… To them? I want to eat the sausage, but, this … Follow me on my social networks, on my Instagram … What is Angelavzlaoficial and on Twitter … Why do you see me like this? @kittyloveofixxx Well guys, let’s go to the end
of the video, here below I will leave the social networks of Kitty. Mine … Of course, don’t forget to like it. Subscribe to my channel and fuck. Roll up a little, if I have two hundred thousand visits and you don’t like it. Just give it a click and you’re already bastards. I hope you liked it and see you next time. Goodbye. I said like that, bye … Goodbye!!!!! To eat sausage.

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  2. Yo no sabía que era actriz para adultos yo la seguía en Instagram con Angela alvarado y en esta entrevista me di cuenta que era actriz NoPor y supe su nombre kitty love 😅🤷‍♂️

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