리트리버 오빠들인데요. 먹을거 쥐면 내가 누나 l With Food In My Hand,I Become A Big Sister To My Retriever Dog Bros

리트리버 오빠들인데요. 먹을거 쥐면 내가 누나 l With Food In My Hand,I Become A Big Sister To My Retriever Dog Bros

Giving the shoes she’s wearing A Perfect Fit Still happy with being barefooted♡ As we explain the relationship btw us~ Her name is ‘Jessie Lee’ 16 months old now With unusual caring and friendship The exemplary Doggo X Baby combination was shown ☆Jessie and Doggo brothers☆ even now The Jessie family who is still maintaining the sweetness We asked them abt ‘teaching method’ which was received the best attention When Jessie and doggos are educated together We don’t usually speak (to Jessie) Huh? What does it mean?? In front of ‘Jessie’ Lez pat pat~ Even Jessie shows interest rubbing rubbing With ‘behaviors’ (parents) express to dogs first The baby won’t understand although we say words Like a proverb that says “Children mirror their parents” (Daddy taking water for doggos) scanning scanning (Taking water for doggo bros) flooding flooding No water for drinking hehe She’s clumsy tho Jessie who sees and learns from her parents’ behaviors Even the doggo bros’ precious part;; When we come back (into the house), always wipe their private part ashamed shy Jessie~ Don’t touch there carelessly (Who cares btw us) Well..;; In their way of teaching Seems to get along as a harmonious sibling but.. The problem is that.. Cheese the dogs are getting aware of the new ‘taste’ Pet food’s awky Hey dudes, not having meals? Nope, not gonna eat The doggo bros’ only interest is their sister’s tasty snack Sometimes they stare at Jessie eating Since there are some food they shouldn’t eat But a piece of apple may be fine~ dang tasty Jessie doesn’t respond so.. Wrud?? Anything deli, delicious~ Reply “anything tasty” I taught once just for fun, but they keep wanting it They’re dang requesting anything tasty but..lol Didn’t understand at all keke In the end.. steal steal heartbroken heartbroken What is the tasty thing for… Shouldn’t make trouble! With edible ingredients even for dogs I gotta make a healthy food Even worried that dogs might have a reduced immunity in winter Basic ingredients are prepared~ only need to mix them well.. shaking shaking yum~ Is she just tasting? OM… No way!! screwed up spit spit innocent innocent (Why you guys just looking at?) kneading kneading “Tasty thing~” x2 I order for something tasty~! Delivery~ Tasty chicken for Jessie is delivered (What abt ours?) Ta-da~! (Doggos’ nutritious meal) w r u gonna eat? That one? Depending on the taste Pick one by one The rest of the food is freshly kept in a freezer After peeling off~ If she heats it DONE It’s been long time to wait, huh~ Try to eat up gobble gobble He might make a hole in the bowl hehe Going nuts;; As Jessie sees the dog brother eating peel~! Jessie.. settle down;; Since not working with strength Just pushes the button lol Caution of ‘the Jessie house’s teaching method’ ※A dog and a baby can see and learn each other※ Reducing the sleeping time, often taking dogs for a walk and having a good time together. Such things are the most important one I guess Either raising only a dog or only a baby is even difficult But raising both is so much difficult and weary. I just wanna tell about this. How to attain love is not to have a special recipe but time and effort Lez love each other as usual from now♡

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  1. 01:44 계속 보고싶음ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    제시 더 어릴때 When Jessie was younger ↓↓↓


  2. 흠.. 개들이 부모님 눈치 보고 행동 하는걸로 보이는데 착각인가 사과 뺏어먹는 행동 자체가 .. 아 말을 해서 머함 칭찬 뿐인걸 pass

  3. 딸랑구랑 시커먼 먹트리버들! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    나두 결혼해서 아이들 이렇게 키우고파라! ㅋ

  4. 남자분 말씀하시는게 간단해보이지만 진짜 꾸준히 지속적으로 보여줘야하는건데 대단하시네요

  5. 대형견은 아이랑 안키우는게 맞죠 개는 동물입니다 저렇게 잘 지내다 갑자기 돌변해서 사고나면 누가 책임을 질까요 그 착하다는 리트리버도 살인사건 꽤 납니다

  6. 대형견은 관리하기도 힘드실텐데 대단하시네요. 대형견이라도 순해가지고 어린아이한테는 피해가 없어서 좋겠네요.

  7. 보고있는 시청자는 재밌지 ㅋㅋ
    당사자들의 지금 영혼은 그로기상태겠지?
    가히 천사견답게 집사들의 멘탈을 하늘나라로 보내는구만 ㅋㅋ

  8. 모든게 다 한국에서는 기분나쁘고 화가나면 동물 이름대면서욕을한다. 양육강식으로 하면 개소돼지 모든게 짐승이고 인간하고는 차원이다르다

  9. 흔히하는곱창 돼지 소 내장 수육 삶은고기 다먹으면서왜 개는 식용하면 반대하는 이유모른다. 포장된 번데기 실물로보면 굼벵이

  10. 어른들말씀에 아이들앞에선 물한잔을먹어도 조심히먹으라했죠 아이들이 모르는것같아도 다 보고배운다는 말입니다. 부모의 행동보다 좋은 교육은없습니다

  11. 같이 키우는건 좋은대 사과줄때 아기손 다칠까봐 불안 하내요 잘못하면 물릴뻔 한것 같아요 강아지는 장난으로 살짝 물어도 크게 다칠수 있느니 교육 시켜야 할것 같아요~ 훈련을 시켜야 할뜻 합니다~

  12. 아 귀여워 둘다ㅠㅠ 리트리버 오빠들이래ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 부모님 진찐 대단하시다ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ 리트리버 두마리랑 미니미도 키우시고 크으

  13. 털 상태랑 아기 태도 보니 딱 알겠네요 견주들이 아기랑 개두마리 다 끝내주게 케어하는거 보이네 오지랖좀 작작부렸으면

  14. OMG!
    THE BABY IS THE A OVER WEIGHT? poor baby. ?
    My grandparents said that IT'S very BAD FOR THE LITTLE GIRL HEALTH, AND HER HEART. ?

  15. Eeek. The dogs are above the child in status because they steal her food. The status problem leads to dogs biting children in their faces. Please get a professional trainer and fix this to keep baby safe and whole.

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