АСМР Зелье и чары 🧙‍♀️🧪 ASMR Special Potion and Spell 🎃

АСМР Зелье и чары 🧙‍♀️🧪 ASMR  Special Potion and Spell  🎃

You’re quite welcome Hush Let me guess why you’re here Wanna get enchantments to attract wealth? or maybe you want to take your boss’s place? or maybe breast augmentation or something lower? A couple of centimeters or more Then, perhaps, love? It’s so romantic come to the witch’s hut to cast a love spell I can do that too But speaking seriously Why are you here? Well, every fairy tale has its share of truth and magic does exist I won’t deny it, but I won’t guarantee anything either I’ll do what you need But the result depends on your thoughts on the purity of your heart So… Are you sure? If anything, my services are expensive Yes Well, you can look at the price list there Yes, the sums are round enough witchcraft in our time is not a very cheap pleasure If you really want magic I’d say it’s not too much and you’re lucky We, witches, are going through a hard time So we have to survive So do you agree or not? Agree, fine here’s a needle, pierce your finger Yes, any of them and drop blood, please, on the Treaty You don’t have to read, there is nothing important just a mention that I’m not responsible at all don’t worry, everything will be fine If you believe in magic, then everything will be fine Well, and if you do not believe then nothing will happen But you will have a very interesting experience Have you ever been to our sisters? Yeah, that’s how it is Yes, I know their family one light, one dark sisters Well, since you’re not the first time then I don’t think you’ll be surprised at anything We’ll put a spell on you but this requires physical objects so I will need potions you don’t want to know. So, basically, I have everything and we will cook a potion for you Let’s add some… don’t pay attention to labels it’s all for effect What’s your weight?” I think that will be enough So let’s add something else These little plants’ they look inconspicuous but just a couple of such spikelets can change the potion How do you feel about spiders? and to the worms I hope it’s fine because they will affect the taste And some… although you better not know about it Tell me, please, when was the last time your teeth fell out? Then two will be enough Well, the main ingredient of any magic is a part of you it’s not going to work without it So I need a little bit of you No, no, I won’t cut you I’ll need hair first off your head off the highest one firstly don’t be afraid I’m just analyzing This one will be just right Softly See? It doesn’t hurt at all While we mix it all here Cobwebs have accumulated Well, after all witches don’t have as many customers as they used to So now I need your eyelash From this eye So let me, please keep your eyes open and think about her Just like this Love spell is not a bullshit Oh, I’ve almost forgotten do you have her haie? Oh, well done, prepared Good where is it? Yep… How thin it is is that her hair? if anything, I don’t guarantee Well, okay Just like this Now, please, saliva spit here Just like this There are some unpleasant moments in the ritual But c’est la vie The saliva is viscous, do you have stomach problems? I can offer you a discounted stomach spell Yep So, you want love that’s why I need hair… Yes from there Well, you can undress if you want Just one hair Do you want an increase potion… no? I’m just… Everyone has their own preferences Yes, you can pull it out by yourself Thanks Got it Don’t fret It will dissolve in the potion And you’ll drink something like water with not very pleasant taste though but it will look like water So, I also need your heart but since we can’t get it you can show me your chest The needs of the ritual And you are pretty good, do you go to the gym? In my youth… there were no gyms People mowed hay and did everything with bare hands They fought with swords… Ah, times How old am I? Such a rude question to witch Be careful or I’ll replace the potion Okay, okay, I’m kidding Well I need a hair off your chest ’cause we can’t take your heart yet This one please Well, I think it will be easier there’s a pair of tweezers What? I love to see one’s suffering So, here it is We have to add the heart to give you not only carnal pleasures but also love, harmony, mutual understanding and there will be complete idyll if everything is properly prepared and ingredients are not mistaken It works greatly Something more from you? How can we torture you… I have already collected the main ingredients So we can try cook it Don’t be afraid A little bit of magic [Pot] [Potion] [Brew, brew, my potion] [Boil-boil-boil] The potion must first be infused And before that You must clear all your thoughts all the thoughts to maximize the effect You have to tune in imagine what are you drinking this potion for Well, Yes so pull yourself together close his eyes That’s right And imagine I’ll let you smell a few decoctions for better visualization Now you would have to take a deep breath Inhale Feel yourself being cleansed Feel it Take a sip A little sweet, huh? What’s it? Oh, not so important to know But I can say that this is exactly what is needed Well? I think the potion is ready Let’s taste it let’s take this cup And fill it with potion Well done you drank the potion, but the most important thing is a spell You need to look into my eyes Yes Not here not here not there into my eyes Don’t pay attention to anything just listen my speech and don’t try to understand it Well Now everything will be as it should be believe me I can feel the moments when I can and when I can’t after the ritual Don’t forget to pay if you forget, punishment will surely overtake you So you better not to fool me Because I’m going to follow you now Best wishes Rather run to check the effect I think you’ll like it

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  2. Só eu que levei um susto na hora que aquela máscara de bruxa apareceu?

    Was it just me who was startled when that witch mask appeared?

    Это был только я, кто был поражен, когда появилась эта маска ведьмы?

  3. Как только захожу на твои видео, он и без всяких зелий увеличивается 😏

  4. блин..котелок так мило булькает колечками, аж улыбнулся от милоты)) ток у меня вопрос…"мне потребуются волосы с твоей головы, пока еще верхней.." а что на "не верхней" тоже бывают ?? О_О

  5. Волосатый качок с маленьким хером приходит на сеанс приворота к ведьме садистке – отличный рофл.

  6. Так…кто меня учил не читать договора перед подписыванием?)

  7. when the english comment u been waiting for isn't just saying that its the english comment u been waiting for

  8. Геля:Ставь на вот этот договор, а можешь не читать там ничего важного нет.
    Договор:Мы забираем у вас душу, почки и квартиру.
    Геля:Спасибо что пользуетесь моими услугами)

  9. Ангелина: Тсссс… дай я угадаю зачем ты пришел
    Я: нет я пришла за мурашками

  10. Хотела сказать,что с переездом уровень видео очень сильно поднялся. И это очень классное и атмосферное видео:):)

  11. Мне нравятся твои видео, они расслабляют меня, когда я в стрессе, продолжай в том же духе, любовь из США. кстати я использую гугл переводчик

  12. Увиличить что то по ниже ну так на пару см. Ааааа останавите мой ооооооооорр

  13. -у тебя нет проблем с желудком
    – да блин у меня проблемы с желудком (Ты Ванга)

  14. Блин, ну вот реально. Акцент на «том, что пониже» опять. Раньше было реже

  15. Геля: Ближе к делу. Ты согласен?
    Я: Нет.
    Геля: Согласен. Отлично.
    Я: Э какого ху…

  16. 16:39 а можно сделать отдельное виде0 с неразборчевым шепотом с таким эфектом? Очень промурашило)))

  17. Дайте угадаю, ёто Людочка, которая забрала плате у подруги на корпоративе?

  18. Я всегда смотрю из Японии. Пожалуйста, сделайте все возможное, с этого момента

  19. Why am I signing something in blood, but not reading it?

    Wait… You need my heart, but you'll settle for a nice view?

    Aight, Imma head out.

  20. Вот люблю я видео Гели не только за прекрасный асмр, но и за отличные декорации и атмосферу! 😍

  21. Большой стаж в асмр – это когда ты прекращаешь пытаться ответить в ролевых играх.

  22. Геля: надеюсь,ты принёс ЕЁ волосок?
    Я: да
    Геля: отлично,ии…где же он?
    Я: эм…а он на тебе😘😍😋

  23. Похоже на меня в детстве зашёл в ванну и перемешал всё что там есть

  24. Ну, тут стандартный лайк со старта за удачную презентацию фронта работы

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