Voting For Vaccination

Voting for Vaccination

The question what cats can eat is not important for you if you are talking about their health. What we think is necessary for cats that are kept inside. So has this cat had any vaccines yet? No. Okay. People that keep your cats inside like you’ve recommended, or like you said you’re going to eliminate some of the vaccines that we don’t need to give all the time. Other vaccines are so important because they carry human health hazards with them that they’re mandatory whether they’re in the house or not. Other vaccines we give them to the cats and they’re covering them for a lethal disease. If they get feline aids or feline leukemia they die of it and so that’s why we think those are vaccines that really should be done on all cats. So let’s just start out and go through the different ones that we’re going to do today. We have what we call a distemper shot and that covers the upper respiratory as well as a couple of other common diseases that all cats need to be protected from.

The distemper actually is part of it that prevents them from getting this distemper problem where cats get panleukopenia. Panleukopenia simply means that because they get this virus all their waste cells die out and they can die of that. So it’s very, very lethal to cats and it’s going to be one of the ones we cover today. The other thing that we wanted to do today s the distemper shot, in addition to the distemper shot I mean is to get your cat started on a leukemia program again, leukemia is a disease that if your cat gets it they die of it and so we want to get your cat started on this vaccine right away to prevent your cat from getting it. It’s transmitted by another cat biting your cat and so you’ve limited the cats exposure to it by keeping him inside. But we think that a marauder cat could break in or in a rainstorm your cat could get out and you don’t know it and get bitten by another cat and this way they’re always protected.

If it was a virus that just made your cat sick for a little while and it had to be transmitted by another cat we may not do it but this is a lethal virus that could kill your cat so we think it’s important. Later we’re going to do some other vaccines. When we talk about other vaccines at our next visit we’re going to want to also update your cat and get him started on a rabies program. Rabies is another virus that can be transmitted from the wildlife into our cats and dogs and it’s lethal for humans as well as cats and so again we think all cats should be vaccinated for rabies because if your cat were to get rabies chasing a bat or something like that and to bite you then you’d have to get the shots and everything. So it’s a lethal, another lethal disease but also it has a human health aspect to it, too, because we can get it.

So those are the basic vaccines that we think that all cats should have. There are a few other vaccines so if you start letting your cat out then we should talk about those but since your cat’s going to be inside as we recommended with most, we won’t deal with that today.

We’re talking to cat owner Americans about something they do not want their cats to catch — Feline leukemia virus. Also known as F-E-L-V. Did you know that SCUBA stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus? [Kitty]: Mutt, let’s focus on FeLV and the importance of protecting cats against this virus. I’m totally focused on Frisbee. FeLV is a common infectious disease in cats. It weakens a cat’s immune system, makes cats vulnerable to other infections, and can cause serious health problems. The most common way for cats to get FeLV is through direct contact with an infected cat. Through shared food or water bowls or grooming.

You know, ah, speaking of grooming. As are cats that go outside, are frequently around new cats, have close contact with other cats, or fight with other cats.

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