Fleas on Cats

Treating the Fleas on Pet

Don’t think what do fleas eggs look like on cats. We’re going to show you today how to keep your cat flea free. In the most natural way possible. It really is important to groom your cat to deal with the fleas. First of all the cats do actually genuinely appreciate being groomed. But secondly, the fleas are real health hazard not just for the cat, but for us as well. You see the adult fleas eat tapeworm eggs and when the cat tries to groom itself it ingests the flea with the tapeworm eggs. The fleas are a real source of irritation to a cat and of course if the fleas get hungry they’ll attack us around the ankles as well and that’s not very pleasant. So you can do yourself – or your cat – a real favor by daily grooming and if your cat goes outside it really does need to be daily grooming to keep the adult fleas off so they can’t lay the eggs. I’ve tried lots of different ways to keep my cat flea free over the years.

In fact this morning I found her old cat brush and it was pretty disgusting it was full of old hairs and is probably lots of flea eggs in there still. It’s very difficult to clean a cat brush. I also found my old battery operated flea-zapper but she never liked me using that on her because it’s such a big comb and look at all of the delicate contours on the pussy cat these big combs are just uncomfortable for the cat. If you don’t use a material like horn it means that every time for example if you brush the cat with a nylon brush you’re inducing static in the cat’s fur and cat’s fur really does pick up the static charge really easily and that’s very unpleasant for the cat and cat’s are always getting electrical shocks because of it.

So if you use a horn comb the horn comb will not induce a trebo-electric charge it will not make the cat’s fur all static. So I’m going to show you how I use the comb on the cat and hopefully if we’re lucky we might even find a flea. So just try to get your cat settled first of all so nice strokes are in order and then you’ll start round the head the favourite place for combing and do the whole head. Notice how little and agile the comb is it goes around all these contours without harming the cat, without hurting the cat. So really try to do as much as the cat as you can. This is a key area obviously they can’t lick there and clean there themselves very easily also at the top of the tail.

Cat fleas can harm your cat so get rid of cat fleas by choosing the right cat flea treatment. If you love your cat you will want to make sure they are flea free. You can’t always see if your cat is infested with fleas so it makes sense to treat your cat from time to time to get rid of cat fleas. Let’s talk about what kills flea eggs. And honestly, there are not a lot of things that do. Flea eggs are very, very hardy. Fleas like to jump off your pet and lay eggs in carpeting or pet bedding.

And this is the first part of the flea cycle. There are some commercial products that are out there that claim to kill flea eggs, but always check with your veterinarian first to make sure that that is safe to apply to your carpeting or to your pet’s bedding. As far as other products that can directly kill flea eggs, it’s very difficult to accomplish. However, secondarily, preventing eggs from being hatched is a good way to go. Something like Frontline Plus — the Plus part actually is S Methoprene, which is an insect growth regulator.

So what that does, essentially, is prevent fleas from being able to hatch eggs and to have eggs. And so by doing that, that breaks the cycle and thus prevents more eggs from building up. A first line of defense to kill flea eggs is honestly just washing bedding. Washing eliminates and kills flea eggs just by default. The other way to deal with flea eggs in an environment is lots of vacuuming, especially in carpeting. Carpeting is a very, very commonplace for flea eggs to build up. Fleas like to lay eggs in there, and so vacuuming can eliminate that, and washing can kill flea eggs as well.

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