Feeding Cats Natuarally

Pet’s Natural Feeding Behaviors

People keep searching what can you feed cats besides cat food. Once you understand how a cat likes a meal, put the food in the food bowl and give it I think that it becomes clear that you should reconsider. In particular, how you give a meal is as important as what you give it. The first important thing is that cats are hunted animals. Hunt with one and eat with one. Cats are sociable animals, It is possible to live in a group. However, hunting with one animal, It is normal to eat with one animal. Kittens learn more about hunting than mother cats. I have natural hunting instincts, but I learn techniques from mother cats. So how important is hunting to cats? Cats usually hunt for prey six to eight hours a day. This is naturally also a daily exercise. I will do this for a short time each day. Scientists have announced that they will hunt 10 to 20 times a day. The main prey is the mouse.

One mouse, about 30-35 calories. I do not get caught every time. We know that cats catch 8-13 animals in one day. Their body’s metabolism (metabolism) is It is designed to be powerful with each small meal. Also, cats like to be away from water and what to eat. Cats do not eat repeatedly in the same place. It is because it exposes itself to the natural enemy. They are also moving so as not to catch their prey. And cats are predators. It is very important, both mentally and physically, to exert this instinct as a predator. Cats need to demonstrate their hunting habits in a routine series of movements. Cats hunt, catch prey, play with their prey Repeat the sequence of eating, then grooming and sleeping. We put the cat indoors, put the food in the food bowl and give it How much does it correspond to the necessary habits of the cat? We put the food in the food bowl and provide it I have denied the habit of this necessary series of movements. Cats just eat. Let’s talk about eating. In the United States, 58.2% of cats are obese. And among them, only 10% of people are aware that their cat is fat. There is plenty of delicious food, lack of exercise from being good at hunting, Our cats are dangerously overweight. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes.

In fact, obese cats have four times the risk of becoming diabetic compared to normal weight cats. First, I talked about regular cat meal patterns. The portion of the rat that can be eaten is only 1 to 2 tablespoons. In contrast to the habit of cats sharing small amounts of food for one day, nature I designed the body and metabolism (metabolism). The cat’s stomach is about the size of a ping pong ball. Perfect for this meal pattern. However, cats in the room eat too much delicious food without exercising too much. In fact, cats eat up to the point where their stomach refuses to digest their food. It is called carf and barf, but it causes vomiting again. For cats, the usual amount to eat at one time is 10-15 grains in dry food grains. If a cat can control the amount he eats, he eats two or three and leaves the food. However, how do we understand this? Because I eat only a little bit, I tend to think that this food is hateful because it is noisy. Then go to the store, find more delicious food, and give it a lot at a time.

What happened here? It means that we are producing cat obesity. Our cats are given too much food, but their spirits are hungry. Meal time is not just an opportunity for cats to earn calories. Meal time is the time to perform its instinct, playing with its prey as a predator. What happens if the cats do this? Some cats do not perform this instinct, v But many are not. Depending on the cat, you may be giving up, itching, or sleeping. In fact, your cat is lazy without physical and mental stimulation to hunt for food. Worse, the cat may become aggressive or destructive due to the lack of this need by cats. It can also lead to unwanted behavior.

Also, some cats direct this stress internally, such as cat interstitial cystitis It can also cause very painful symptoms. Environmental stress can also cause urological problems in cats. And there is no danger for cats, For us, what is very inconvenient is the nightly behavior of the cat. Cats are usually hunting day and night. Hunting and eating is a normal activity for cats, even at midnight. But because there is no prey, you are the prey. If you understand the feeding habits of the cats, putting the food in the food bowl and eating it does not match their needs. We, cats like dry food, can or live, There is a lot of talk about what food to give, but it lacks a very important conversation. It means that how to give food is as important as what to give. Please think about how you can meet the instinct of a cat in the room as a predator.

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