Cats Dreaming

Do Cats Dream?

Apart from what foods do cats like we also want to make them learn new thinks. Now, sleeping in your bed with you, is something that most cats really actually love to do, so it’s not too hard to get them into a routine, but some cats are a little more autonomous, a little more aloof, and you can help encourage them, coax them, into sleeping in your bed. You never want to try and discipline them or force them, because cats just don’t work that way. The first thing you want to do is treat your bed, to a little bit of cat chemicals. Basically, this is a synthetic version of a feline’s facial pheromones, the pheromones that they rub from their face, onto objects that they consider their own. It’s a chemical signal that tells the cat that this is a place that’s a good place for sleeping and nesting, and really relaxing, so you’re just giving them a little bit extra something to lure them into the bed.

Another thing that’s a lot of fun of course, is catnip. You never want to use catnip more than once a week, because a cat can develop, basically, an immunity to it, where they don’t respond to it at all, and you’d hate to rob them of so much fun. You can fill a sock, and tie a knot at the end, with a bunch of catnip, or you can just sprinkle some on a little towel, here, and use that as an additional lure, or you can purchase a catnip oil spray, that helps avoid the mess, of the leaves and stems, and everything. What we’re going to do here, is we’re going to play with a feather toy, to try and lure the cat, because basically, we have got the different stages of a cat’s schedule. They start out hunting, and then they usually eat, because they catch their prey and eat it, and then after that, they go to grooming, and then after that, they sleep, so we’re going to start this routine.

It’s like a bedtime routine, that starts about forty minutes before you’re ready to go to bed, so the first thing we do, is we start playing. You want to lure the cat to the sound of a toy. You want to do this for about fifteen minutes. Spend about fifteen minutes with your cat, just playing. This is a really high value toy, that gets most cats entertained, especially towards the end of the day. They’re really, cats are actually diurnal, which means that they like to sleep during the day, and at night, and they’re most active at dawn, and at dusk, so this is working right with their schedule, so that they’re getting ready to bed down, right when you are. Now, Daisy has had a little snack, a little late night snack, so she’s digesting, and she’s ready for a little casual grooming.

This is not your big grooming session, where you want to really be paying a whole lot of attention to the cat’s coat. If they don’t like brushing, then you can just spend some time stroking. This is very much like having their mother groom them, when they were a kitten, lots of nice attention. You can really experiment with what kind of strokes your cat likes. Do they like having their ear rubbed? Do they like having their chin scratched? Do they like long, heavy strokes, or very, very light strokes. Oops, not so much with the light strokes for Daisy, and here she is.

She’s sitting on her little catnip towel. Oh yeah, that smells good, doesn’t it? doesn’t it? and basically, you just want to have a long, loving session, and then eventually you can lay down, and stroke them some more, and go to sleep. Now, they may not stay with you the entire night. They may come and go, but what I’ve found is absolutely true with cats, is the more you invest in affection with your cat, the more you get a return with your cat, so that means if you’re sitting on the bed, and you’re really actually not in the mood for cuddles. Well, when you’re cat comes to initiate a cuddle, that’s a good time for you to encourage the relationship, and stop what you’re doing, and spend a few minutes just enjoying the cat, because it’s going to make them much more inclined, to come back and spend the night with you.

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