5 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Good For Your Cat!

Hi guys! Welcome back to the channel it is Claire and Rags and this week we have five foods you didn’t know what good for your cat Now obviously cats are carnivores so they’re diet should be predominantly meat-based But there are a few vegetables and fruits that you can give your cats that will have a lot of benefits for them or can just be a really good alternative to treats.

The first one I have is pumpkin or butternut squash depending on the time of year But baked pumpkin and baked butternut squash it is so good for your cat The hardest thing about this is actually convincing your cats to eat it But if you can your cat will get so any benefits not only is it high in vitamins A C and E it is also high in protein and fiber and iron Now the fiber content is really good if your cat has any dietary worries or any weight issues Putting some baked mashed up pumpkin or butternut squash in your cats foods can of help them feel fuller without adding any extra calories.

which is really quite good! Pumpkin or butternut squash is also great treatment for hairball as the fiber helps them in their digestive system and can alleviate sort of excessive hair balls or any other stomach problems that they might have if the second one we have is cucumber now despite the meme cucumbers can actually very advantageous to your cat like pumpkin and butternut squash cucumber is high in fiber but it’s also jam-packed full of water so if you have a sick kitty or you are worried about their water intake.

if you just chop up some cucumber and put it in with their food it’s guaranteed to make sure cat is Getting enough water and it can also settle upset stomachs as well chopped up cucumber in their food is a great way to make sure that they’re getting moisture and water when they’re sick or when it’s hot The third one I have is green beans.

Now these are another one that are really good for weight management if you put in the chopped up green beans or canned green beans and into their food it can help them feel fuller but the fiber also is really good for their stomachs as well Now if you’re going to be using canned green beans Make sure they are the ones that have no sodium in them and because excessive salt is really bad for your cats Me and Rags actually have a recipe for cat soup and if you want to go check it out this has green beans in it, it’s a soup that Rag sy absolutely loves. https://kittyneeds.com/best-cat-tree-for-large-cats-reviews/

it’s also really good if you have a sick kitty or one that needs to lose a little bit of weight go try it out it’s really really good, Ragsy loves it! Fourth one I have is peas now peas are one of the stranger ones on this list but Rags here absolutely loves them and since she was a kitten she really likes chasing and then eating frozen peas really funny but she does do it occasionally but she’s loved doing it when she was a kitten now peas are great not only are they small enough for you to not worry about them being a choking hazard but they are high in protein and low in fat so it’s really really good.

your cat some of those micro nutrients but also a nutritional boost if they’re particularly active cats Cooked peas are also really good for digestion and it also they’re really for promoting muscle growth which is really interesting, don’t you think? And fifth one I have for you is strawberries! Now this is a bit of a cheap one because it’s not necessarily nutritional to your cat but they are non-toxic to your cat.

So if you want to give your cat a nice little treat you can give them a little portion of chopped up strawberries and if you’re feeling especially like to want to give them a special treat, put a tiny little blob of cream and you can share a nice traditional summer treat with your cat! Even cats can have strawberries! I didn’t Thanks for watching guys we hope you enjoyed this video! If you have any additional and foods that you wouldn’t know are good for your cat, please let me know in a comment section below if you did like the video please give us a big thumbs up it really helps us out and if you haven’t subscribed already hit that big red button! And me and Rags we will see you next week! Bye guys!.

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